One-year old baby photography shoot in Bickley, South East London

15th June 2013
I am very behind with my blogging but will attempt to catch up in the next couple of weeks!!! Last month I went to Bickley in South East London and met the very gorgeous baby Harry, for his first ever professional photography shoot. He didn't have one when he was a newborn so his parents wanted to make up for it!! One-year old babies are one of the most difficult ages to photograph, as they just want to be on the move all the time, and are too young to be given direction. So I have a new trick which I use - putting them in the bath!!! This contains them in one place, they normally absolutely love it so you get the gorgeous natural smiles and the white provides a perfect backdrop and great light! Here are three of my favourite pictures from the photo session, which the family also loved!!

Sara-Jane x

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