Outdoor baby and family photography session in Fetcham, Surrey

02nd July 2013
My first baby photography session with the gorgeous Amelia was when she was 6 months old. Her parents had purchased the Watch Me Grow Package where the family get three photoshoots over the course of a year, so last month I visited again when Millie had just turned one. The family had moved from their small flat in London to a large house in Fetcham, Surrey with a lovely garden. Fortunately, the weather was perfect for taking photos outdoors, and as Millie had just learnt to walk I was able to capture movement with a high enough shutter speed (this is not possible indoors when using a flash). As well as running around, Millie's favourite thing was sitting in the baby rucksack on her dad's back, so we got a few pictures of that too! Hope you like the photos!

Sara-Jane x

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