Newborn baby photography in Kingston hospital, Surrey

07th May 2013
One week ago today my nephew Tommy was born, 4 weeks early, weighing 4lb 11 - so teeny but perfectly formed. So I went into Kingston hospital in Surrey to visit my sister and Tommy that day .... obviously with my camera in hand!!!! The youngest baby I have ever had a newborn photography session with was 5 days old.... so this was a first. And a first to have the shoot in the hospital!

The challenge with newborns is very red blotchy skin and lots of flakiness. This is where black and white is your best friend! Converting the images to B&W evens out the skin tone and saves a lot of time in post-production editing.

Enjoy these pictures :-) There will be a lot more as Tommy grows up! And I can't wait until the family are back home and I can do a proper newborn session.... the ones of Tommy and his big bro Bobby will be sooooo cute!

Sara-Jane x

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