Child photographer in London and Surrey - photography tips

16th December 2013
Taking photos of children/ toddlers is so much fun but can be some of the most challenging shoots a professional baby and child photographer can do. Mainly because they just never sit still!!!

I have several tips for photographing children between 1 and 3 years of age:
- give them something to play with that will keep them in one place
- take photos in the bath - use bubbles to make them look up/ laugh
- lie them on the bed, get someone to tickle their belly, and take photos from above
- take them to the park and get photos on the swing/ seesaw

The main thing is to go with their mood and don't force them to sit in one place but follow them around with the camera instead. And keep them entertained as they get bored easily!! In a child photography session I will often take photos in several rooms, including the bathroom and the garden.

Here are some pictures from recent child photography sessions in London and Surrey to illustrate:

Sara-Jane x

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