Family photography in Clapham, South London - three children under three

26th September 2013
A family photography session with three children under three is fun but a little chaotic!! I did such a shoot with 2 1/2 year old Chloe and 11-month old twins James and Sophia in Clapham, South West London.

Getting one 11-month old baby to sit still is hard, but two is very hard!! In the end we had to let them crawl around the bed while I took photos, with mum or dad laying out of sight ready to jump should one of them try to crawl off!! The twins also didn't want to be held, so the family picture was taken just after mum and dad had spun them round, one of my tricks to get them to smile!

Chloe wanted to jump around and play as well, so there were only a few opportunities to get her to sit still and pose. I managed to capture her smiling by getting her to say "daddy's smelly" rather than cheese.... works every time!!!

As you can see being a baby, child and family photographer is fun but crazy :-)

Sara-Jane x

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