The importance of professional family photos in London

From new babies to wobbly first steps to first day at school – family life is full of moments that go by in the blink of an eye. With today’s digital technology, these are moments which are captured (normally by mum!) on phones and never printed. Do you find yourself going through the photos and realising that you’re not in most of them as you are the one taking them? Or you have been avoiding them because you don’t like having photos taken of yourself or are worried about how you look? Read on for my top 5 reasons why having professional family photos in London is so important.

1. Capturing moments

Family photos are more than just a photo – they capture those moments in your family’s life that will never be that way again, showcasing your child’s milestones and growth. How amazing is it to be able to look through an album with your children time and time again, to relive those memories of you together when they were so small? Photos which show the love you all have for each other.

2. Preserving memories

Printed family photos are a way to preserve memories from one generation to the next. I treasure the old photos I have of me with my grandparents now that they are no longer with me. Your children will love looking back at photos of themselves with you and seeing how much you love them.

If you have been putting off having family photos because you are worried about what you look like, think about this: your children don’t care! They just want to see photos of you with them; they won’t notice those things us women are paranoid about! Do you want them to look at photos in the future and wonder where you were in all of them? A professional photographer like me knows all the best poses for you to look your best. Or I can just capture those natural moments with you playing with your children rather than posing if that’s what you would prefer.

3. Boosting self-esteem

It’s been proven by physiologists that family photos boost your child’s self-esteem. When your child sees your family portraits on the wall every day, with themselves as a valued part of your family unit, they grow up knowing that they belong and they are loved. Who doesn’t want that for their children?

4. Quality of images

Mobile cameras are great to capture moments as they are always to hand – but more often than not they are quick snaps which are blurred, have cluttered backgrounds and aren’t always great quality. Professional family photos give high quality images which you would be proud to have on your wall.

5. Printed artwork and albums

I couldn’t talk about the importance of family photos without mentioning how crucial it is to print your images, either in the form of artwork or in albums. Digital images are great, but a USB sat in a drawer or a hard drive on your computer could get lost or corrupted, or be inaccessible as technology moves on. Physical products that can be passed on preserve those memories for future generations.

“We had a family photoshoot at our home pre-Christmas. Sara-Jane made the experience very pleasant, came with all necessary props, had great suggestions for us and managed to catch some really beautiful shots of our one-year old toddler. We ended up with a great selection of family photos which will be invaluable memories! We would recommend her services and are looking forward to using her services again for the next family occasion!”

Anca, South London

In summary, family photos are one of the most cherished items you can possess. The story of your family deserves to be captured and preserved for your children to treasure for years to come. I’m passionate about creating beautiful, meaningful memories for families like yours – for information about capturing professional family photos in London please see my family photography session page. Sessions can take place in your own home or your favourite outdoor location. Capturing memories of places you and your family have been exploring together during lockdown would be fabulous. Or how about a reunion family session with your parents who haven’t seen their grandchildren in a few months?

Sara-Jane x