Makeup tips for London mums: look your best at your newborn photoshoot

Hi lovely mummies and congratulations on the new or impending arrival of your precious new baby. Are you thinking about booking a newborn photography session but are worried about how you are going to look so soon after giving birth? I asked Maxine Wilson, award-winning make-up artist, to share her top five makeup tips for new mums in London, perfect for making sure you look your best for your newborn photoshoot. Since I come to your home for the session you can even do your makeup while I am photographing your baby alone 🙂

As a mum of two, I vividly remember having to be “presentable“ for my newborn photography shoot, let alone for the various members of extended family and friends who wanted to come to see the new babies. I was fortunate to have to have two very straightforward births, but no matter how straightforward they are, it does leave you feeling slightly like you’ve been hit by a bus! The combination of the lack of sleep with a newborn, together with the toll that the pregnancy may have taken on you, let alone the birth itself can leave many new mums feeling quite unlike themselves. I think that the most important thing is to remember that, as a very new mum, nobody expects you to look incredible. Although it slightly pains me to say it, most of your visitors won’t be paying much attention to you in any case, they will be much more interested in that delicious new baby. As an aside, I always make sure that I pay lots of attention to the new mummy rather than the baby, as I remember feeling so awkward about it when I had my eldest.

Top 5 makeup tips for London mums - woman putting on lipstick in mirror

As a hair and make-up artist, I really like to focus on emphasising the positive things about a woman’s appearance, rather than trying really hard to erase the less positive ones. Most of my clients come in to see me and start telling me everything that is wrong with their face, as far as they see it anyway! I really love to show women just how gorgeous they really are and so here are my top five makeup tips for London mums to look amazing at your baby’s newborn photo session.

1. Make some time for you

We all get completely wrapped up in our newborns and that is of course exactly how it should be. However, these photos will be really important to you in the years to come and therefore it’s definitely worth handing your precious bundle over to your partner before the shoot to style your hair whilst you still have that lovely pregnancy thickness to it and apply some makeup. My eldest is now 2 1/2 and I still cannot concentrate on getting myself ready with little assistants in the room!

2. Look after your skin

This possibly is something that we should all be doing all the time, but as mums and busy women in general, it’s often something that falls by the wayside. I’d really recommend trying to get into the routine of using a good quality cleanser, toner and moisturiser as a minimum, ideally morning and night. It will really pay dividends on your skin as the postpartum hormones work their ‘magic’. Even if you are not in a regular routine then using a good quality product just in advance of the shoot will mean that your skin will look good and your makeup will sit better on it.

3. Concealer is your friend!

I’m a big believer in using a good concealer to hide a multitude of sins. As a new mum, you may well have dark circles under your eyes that you are not used to. I definitely think that it’s better to use a good quality concealer where are you need it and then a light foundation everywhere else. Above all I imagine that you want to look quite natural but still glowing and put together for your newborn photoshoot and if you are caked in a thick layer of foundation that look will not be achieved.

Women shows how to put on eye makeup as one of top makeup tips for London mums

4. Bronze me baby!

One of my best tips to fake a great glow is use a bronzer that also has a highlight within it. My favourites are the Hourglass Cosmetics ones. Sweeping a great bronzer from your temple and along the top of your cheekbone and also along very top of your hairline (you want to pop it where the sun would hit if you’d been out enjoying the sunshine) is a really great way to look fresh and healthy even if actually beneath your make up you feel pale and palette. I would top up with a tiny bit of rosey blush on the apples of the cheeks and blended up towards the top of the cheekbone as this really does help to give you a rosy glow particularly in photos.

5. All about the eyes

I’m a firm believer that if you brows are naturally defined (I’m not talking about a huge, dark, overdrawn brow here at all) that they will help to give your face a clear shape. I often say that your brows are like the roofline of your face and if they are looking good in your face shape will look good too. Similarly with lashes, that extra darkness around your eyes, even if you’ve not had time to do liner or eyeshadow, will really help to define your features in the photographs, particularly if they are to be taken in a relatively low light. If you do have time to add eyeliner, then try making the thickness of the liner thicker on the outside edge of your eyes (nearest to your ears) as this can help tired eyes look more awake by lifting the outside corner of the eye.

I hope you have enjoyed my makeup tips for London mums. In summary, some concealer, a little light foundation, bronzer and a dash of mascara and voila, simple makeup in 10 minutes. Makeup doesn’t need to cost a fortune either – here are my favourite high street products.

Finally, regardless of how you feel about your appearance, please do try and enjoy your newborn photo session. You are in very safe hands with Sara-Jane (I mean just look at her gallery!) and I know that she will make you feel very much at ease. If you’re relaxed and happy and enjoying your beautiful baby, then that joy will shine through. In my opinion there is nobody more beautiful than a new mother because her happiness simply shines through. That is what will make you beautiful when you look back at these images in years to come.

Maxine Wilson is an award-winning hair and make-up artist who specialises in naturally glamorous looks to make women look incredible at any stage in their lives.
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