Professional newborn baby, child and family photography in Clapham, South London

10th April 2013
Last week I had a professional photography session in Clapham in South West London to welcome baby Felicity into the world. At only 4 days new she was the youngest ever newborn I have photographed. I thought this would mean she spent the whole session sleeping, but oh no, she was wide awake, alert and as happy as anything. Abigail, her 2 1/2 year old sister, was an absolutely angelic child and a delight to photograph as she did exactly what she was told. Not to mention when I left I got a hug and a kiss with the words "I love you Sara-James". Now that's why I love my job :-)

I also got this feedback from the family after they had seen the pictures:

"We absolutely love them thank you so so much! You were born to do this job. We were allowing ourselves to hope for perhaps one or two priceless photos to fall in love with - never imagined tens of them! Can't thank you enough - you've made the end of our first week so special". Awwwwwww.

Sara-Jane x

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