Newborn baby photography in Hackney, East London - 4 week old Archie

30th June 2013
Earlier this month I went to Hackney in East London for a baby photography shoot with 4-week old Archie. Not quite being a newborn (newborn photography is done in the first 10 days) it is always hard to predict how babies that age are going to be. Asleep is great; awake is great.... but sometimes at 4 weeks when they are awake they are not happy, or so tired that their eyes are not open properly. But I needn't have worried with little Archie as he was a dream from start to finish. I managed to get photos of him in various different outfits, some naked shots, he went on his tummy, we had pictures with mum, pictures with dad (who took his top off for some great skin-on-skin images) and family portraits.... all in two hours. Definitely one of the most chilled out babies I have ever photographed!

Archie's parents had a great range of outfits... which ended up being some of my favourites pictures. What do you think?

Sara-Jane x

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