Benefit of newborn baby photography at your London home vs. studio

Ever since I started my photography career in London 8 years ago I have been an in-home newborn photographer. Many photographers either start with a studio or move to a studio after a few years but I have never wanted to do that. I much prefer doing your baby photography session at your home. The reasons I love this so much are firstly because it suits my style as a more natural photographer and secondly because of the benefits to you.

The benefits of a home newborn baby photography session in London over a studio photoshoot are:

1. You don’t have to leave your house

Those first couple of weeks of your baby’s life are a chaotic whirlwind where it is such an effort to leave the house. So imagine having to get ready to go to a studio for your newborn photoshoot, with all the things you need to take with you… stressful right? Whereas when I come to your home for your photography session, you don’t have to worry about anything other than making sure your baby is fed and calm. I bring everything I need to you!

2. It is much more relaxing for you and your baby

You and your baby are in your own familiar environment which makes things so much more relaxing for you. Plus if you need to breastfeed or settle your baby you can pop into another room away from the photoshoot which is not possible in a studio. As newborn photography sessions can take 3-4 hours this just makes the session so much calmer for you. I don’t rush or time sessions and will stay until we get all the images you want.

3. You have everything you need to hand

Imagine having to pack for a studio all the things you would need…. nappies, wipes, muslins, dummy, formula, blankets, change of clothes for both baby and you, toys and snacks for a toddler…. it’s a long list! Having your newborn baby photoshoot at home means you don’t have to worry about that as you have everything you need to hand.

4. You have plenty of spare clothes at home

Babies like to throw up or wee on their parents! Another benefit of an in-home newborn photography session is that you have a change of clothes to hand if that happens! Also I can advise on what clothes to wear on the day if you are not sure.

5. We can include things in your home in the photoshoot

It’s nice to include things in your newborn photo session like soft toys, blankets etc. Being at your home means you don’t have to worry about packing those things to take to a studio and I can advise what will work well in photos when I arrive. I can also take photos in your baby’s nursery which I wouldn’t be able to do in a studio.

6. If the family photos include a toddler it makes the session so much easier

Can you imagine having to take your lively toddler to a studio? Holding the baby photography session at your home means we can add them into the photos at a point when your newborn is sleeping and when your toddler in a good mood. The rest of the time they can be happy playing in their own room with their own toys rather than getting stressed waiting around in a studio for their baby brother or sister to go to sleep.

7. You can include multiple generations in the photo session

Most studios aren’t very big so another benefit of having your newborn photoshoot at home is that grandparents can join in the session for just one or two photos and don’t have to sit around waiting in a small studio. They can then chill in the lounge while the rest of the photos are being taken. I have been known to include the family dog in the session too, and once even a cat!

8. Dad can jump into the photos as required

If Dad needs to be working he doesn’t need to take hours off to attend a session at a studio, he can just work and jump in on the photos when he is needed!

For info and prices for a newborn baby photography session at your home in London please click my session page. If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please call Sara-Jane on 07958 734184, email sarajane@shutterbaby.co.uk or use the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sara-Jane x